Why Your Skin Needs Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

For healthy skin, we need to feed it from the inside, by eating a balanced…

Dr. Andresa

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But, you may not know that there are benefits to having these nutrients in your skincare regime as well! Knowing what vitamins to look out for when choosing skincare products could make your beauty routine much more effective.

Niacinamide forms part of the B vitamin group and is a water-soluble vitamin (which means that your body does not store it). It can be found in green vegetables, grains, fish, chicken and milk products. The B vitamins are great skin boosters. Niacinamide minimizes lines and wrinkles as it boosts natural collagen and elastin production leaving your skin plumper and firmer. In the treatment of severe acne and rosacea, niacinamide skin care creams can improve existing blemishes and redness due to its inflammatory powers. As a skin brightening agent, niacinamide effectively reduces areas of pigmentation and age spots. It is a first-rate solution to pigmentation control without the harmful side effects commonly associated with many other skin brightening agents.

Dehydration results in dull and sallow skin. Niacinamide increases ceramide and fatty acid levels in the skin thereby increasing hydration levels and improving the skins natural moisture barrier. The result is skin that is softer, smoother and less prone to irritation, redness, and sensitivity.

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