Specialised Peel Treatment

Retinols/ Lipo-Hydroxy etc for anti-ageing, pigmentation, acne

Anesthetic: N/A

Return to work: Next day

Procedure time: 30 – 45 min

Duration of results: 6-8 weeks

Treatment: Acne, pigmentation, ageing, congestion

Recovery Time: Some redness and flaking 3-7 days later


Superficial and medium depth peels are used to address pigmentation, acne and ageing more intensely than lighter chemical peels. Dermal structures may also be targeted to improve skin quality and some downtime may be expected.

Retinol peels are typically very comfortable during application but may induce noticeable flaking in the week after. Stronger sensations may be felt during Lipo-Hydroxy peel applications, with a lesser incidence of flaking thereafter – great for congested and skin acne.c

Skin is thoroughly yet gently cleansed. After occluding sensitive areas, the skin is degreased and the chosen specialised peel is applied. These peels are not typically neutralised in-clinic and a client may be sent home with specific instructions on how long to keep it on before rinsing it off at home and applying aftercare. This ensures optimal efficacy and results.