NEAR INFRARED Skin Tightening and Medical Massage

Skin tightening and symptomatic relief of muscular and joint pain

Anesthetic: N/A

Return to work: Same day

Procedure time: 30 – 60 min

Duration of results: Cumulative over time

Treatment: Loose skin, skin laxity and muscular/joint pain

Recovery Time: N/A


Noticeable skin tightening results are seen with  NIR (Near-infrared) skin tightening facial. This amazing technology is a completely painless laser facial with no downtime or side effects.

High-powered light in the near-infrared spectrum reaches the skin’s top layer, gradually heating the sub-dermal tissue, as a result, elastin fibres begin to contract and tighten as it begins. The tissue is heated rather than destroyed which means there is minimal downtime and zero side effects. The NIR skin tightening technology is less aggressive than ablative or fractional laser.

The laser technology uses the body’s natural healing abilities to revitalise symptoms such as:

  • dull skin
  • relieve slack skin
  • crepey skin
  • uneven skin

The increase in circulation facilitates lymphatic drainage as well as healing; which makes it effective in providing symptomatic relief in muscular and joint pain as well.

Preparation before Treatment

  • The area treated must be free of any lotions or moisturiser and/or make-up
  • Remove all jewellery before treatment
  • Drink enough water to aid the detoxification process
  • Before the session, photos may be taken to compare results
  • Measurements may be taken of the treatment area to compare results with follow up visits
  • Typically, clients don’t experience any pain or discomfort and find the treatment relaxing


During the Session

  • You will be asked to wear special goggles to protect your eyes.  Never look directly into the hand piece.
  • You will experience a warm feeling, like having a hot stone massage.  In certain areas, heat may accumulate more than in other areas.
  • The treated area may be red after the treatment, but usually fades within 30 minutes.