Relax and relieve tension

Anesthetic: N/A

Return to work: Same day

Procedure time: 30 – 60 min

Duration of results: Cumulative results over time

Treatment: Tense, stressed or sore muscles from head to toe

Recovery Time: N/A


In massage therapy, the soft tissues of the body are rubbed and kneaded expertly to relax and relieve tension. The soft tissues include muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin. The amount of pressure and movement can be adjusted to the client’s preference.

Therapists primarily make use of Swedish massage techniques while using essential oil blends to enhance the experience. If pregnant, the therapist will be sure to use a pregnancy-safe massage medium to ensure safety for mom and baby.

After discussing focus areas of tension and treatment preferences, the therapist will conduct the massage treatment to ensure maximal relaxation and tension relief.