DNA Tests

Your unique genetic results allow for actionable interventions

Anesthetic: None

Return to work: Immediately

Procedure time: 15 min specimen collection, 60 min results discussion

Duration of results: N/A

Treatment: One

Recovery Time: N/A


Skinlogic now does DNA Tests with the renowned optiphi® Helix DNA tests.

Your health can be affected by a combination of factors including topical skin care, diet, supplements, exercise, lifestyle, environment and your genetic makeup. The only factor that cannot be changed is your DNA. Therefore, based on your unique genetic profile, we can recommend a practical and actionable approach to improving your overall vitality.

At Skinlogic we are able to do five different DNA tests which include:

• Skin: decoding your skin care regime

• Diet: decoding your nutritional therapy

• Health: decoding a healthy lifestyle just for you

• Hormone: identify your unique predisposition to certain risks which could affect your hormone balance

• Breast, Ovarian or Prostate Cancer Risk


What does each test cover?


The Helix Skin Test and Report will include six categories that are investigated:

• Wrinkles, volume loss and glycation

• Dermal sensitivity and detoxification

• Inflammation of the skin

• Oxidative stress

• DNA protection and repair

• Pigmentation and sun sensitivity


The Helix Diet Test and Report will include five categories that are investigated:

• Metabolism and fat sensitivity

• Carbohydrate responsiveness

• Glucose and insulin sensitivity

• Energy regulation and exercise response

• Food and nutrient responses


The Helix Health Test and Report will include eight categories that are investigated:

• Oxidative Stress

• Detoxification

• Insulin sensitivity

• Inflammation

• Bone Health

• Lipid metabolism

• Methylation

• Iron Overload and blood clotting


The Helix Hormone Test and Report will consider several areas affecting hormone metabolism and balance, namely:

• Steroid hormone metabolism

• Methylation and endocrine function

• Xenobiotic metabolism

• Autoimmune thyroid disease


The Helix Breast, Ovarian or Prostate Cancer Test and Report will screen a panel of markers that are commonly associated with the development of breast cancer, and secondary to that ovarian and prostate cancer. Screening of these markers creates awareness of the potential genetic risks associated with these cancers.


• No eating/drinking/chewing gum 3 hours prior to specimen collection.

• On arrival, you will be asked to complete a confidential patient intake form.

• A professional practitioner will explain the process to you.



Your DNA sample will be collected by means of a non-invasive buccal swab. Once completed it will be taken for analysis to give you your unique report.